Zanussi Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

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Zanussi fridge freezers are available in built-in or freestanding options. They’re designed with adjustable shelves to accommodate all types of food. Special frost-free features prevent ice build-up so never need defrosting. And A++ rated appliances can save you money with over 20% more efficiency.

But even technology has its flaws – and Zanussi fridge freezer faults may take time to diagnose. Look at some Zanussi fridge freezer problems and troubleshooting here to help you work out why your Zanussi fridge freezer fridge isn’t working…

Common Zanussi Fridge Freezer Issues

Zanussi fridge freezer problems can be caused by a range of difficulties. See Zanussi fridge freezer troubleshooting here…

A flashing red light

A Zanussi freezer red light flashing indicates that the temperature inside the freezer is too warm. Checks will need to be made to ensure there’s not excessive ice covering the evaporator – a blockage in the system can cause this fault.

Alternatively, it may be due to a poor pumping compressor which will need repairing or replacing. Your local engineer will be able to source the reason for the fault and make the appropriate repairs.

Power problems

When there’s a problem with the actual power supply your appliance simply may not work at all. A fuse may have blown, or the socket may be defective. Any electrical malfunctions need to be investigated and corrected by a qualified electrician.
If the fridge freezer isn’t cooling and the interior light is off this can also indicate a faulty power supply – all wiring and leads will need to be tested by your electrician.

If the fridge freezer is not working but the light is on this may mean a faulty thermostat or compressor. Either or both parts will need to be replaced by a qualified repair technician.

Light not working

If the interior bulb has blown it will need to be replaced. However, this could indicate an issue with the door switch. If this isn’t working properly it may need to be thoroughly cleaned and possibly replaced.

Water in the bottom of the fridge

Your repair technician will quickly resolve any blocked drain tubes without causing any damage. Located in the back wall of the fridge compartment, it’s a simple task for your engineer to carry out.

Frost-free Fridge Freezer Glitches

Zanussi frost-free fridge freezer problems can include:

An ice build-up due to a faulty seal. A seal that’s loose or damaged will allow outside air to get into the fridge. This will be noticeable as a heavy build-up of frost, particularly on the interior of the door. If the ice build-up is in the freezer compartment only this can point to a possible obstruction in the freezer drain.

A faulty heating element will cause the frost-free freezer to freeze up. The heating element defrosts the evaporators and the excess water collects in a container and then evaporates. A timer should activate this operation up top four times a day. If any of the mentioned components fail the frost-free freezer will experience problems – these can easily be resolved by a qualified repair technician.

Built-in Fridge Freezer Snags

Zanussi built-in fridge freezer problems may result in the fridge freezer not working at all. The possible culprits could be:

  • Clogged coils located under or behind the appliance that can result in poor cooling
  • Obstructions in the condenser fan
  • A non-functioning compressor

Time to Call in the Professionals

Zanussi fridge freezer repair London experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding Zanussi fridge freezer problems – and fixing them! A friendly and highly trained technician will bring all the equipment needed to carry out your repairs. And you’ll get six-month parts and labour guarantees. Your Zanussi fridge freezer not working will soon be a distant memory.

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