Zanussi Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

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Zanussi oven troubleshooting

Zanussi oven not heating up

There are typically three main faults that can cause this issue. It can be related to the clock/timer being incorrectly set – it needs to be on the manual setting. If you can hear the fan running and the thermostat light is on this indicates that the heating element is defective.

When your oven is turned on and the circuit breaker trips the switch, this points to a problem with the fan oven element which will need replacing.

Zanussi oven door falling off

If your Zanussi oven door falls off this could be due to a fault with the bottom support hinge. New hinges may need to be installed. Occasionally the small pin in the top hinge will shear off and break, or oven clips can wear and also result in the door coming away from the frame.

Zanussi oven light not working

If the light won’t work in any heating mode and the bulb looks dark it’s quite likely that the bulb has blown and will need to be replaced. If the light is getting power, but the oven light is still now working this indicates that the light socket may be defective. This too will need replacing.

Certain functions may prevent the oven light from working as these are low energy options. Saving energy this way will apply to moist fan baking, humid hot air, EcoSteam, Dough proving, and other Eco programmes. In these cases, this isn’t a fault.

Zanussi oven grill not working

If your grill isn’t working this could be a fault with the thermostat causing overheating. Another culprit may be the element, which could be broken or worn with age. Grill elements are brittle and are prone to damage. They’re located inside the oven and if faulty will need to be replaced.

How to reset Zanussi oven

If you have a digital display you need to set the clock before operating the oven function.

Resetting your Zanussi oven is done by:

  • Turning off the power source for one minute
  • As the power reconnects the clock icon will flash
  • Set the time by using the +/- buttons.

Resetting the clock on a Zanussi oven with rotary dials involves pressing the clock button until the clock symbol appears on the display. Then you can turn the temperature knob to set the hour. A command wheel requires turning the dial to the menu to locate the reset option.

Zanussi oven fault codes

Zanussi oven error code will point you in the direction of the fault even if you can’t fix it yourself. See a range of oven error codes here…

  • F2 – door not locking – could be the door lock mechanism or the control thermostat
  • F3 – Self-check error. Disconnect mains and reconnect after 5 minutes
  • F4 – issues with the temperature sensor
  • F5 – relay contacts sticking and the electronic board may need replacing
  • F6 – power board temperature too high – the fan and duct position need expertly checking for correct airflow
  • F7 – incorrect mains polarity which may need reconnecting and further testing
  • F8 – no power to interface connection that could result in a replacement electronic board
  • F9 – microprocessor auto-resetting issues that need attention

Experiencing Zanussi oven problems?

Zanussi oven repairs in London can be arranged quickly and effectively. All you need to do is contact trusted appliance repair services. You can request a free quote, book your repair online, and get a fully qualified engineer to come at a time that suits you. And you’ll be automatically provided with a six months parts and labour guarantee for every repair carried out.

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