How To Use Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine?

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Samsung Eco Bubble technology washes clothes in cool water as effectively as in warm. And saves you energy at the same time. The detergent is frothed before the cycle begins. Cleaning bubbles penetrate the fabrics quickly – deeply and gently cleansing clothes.

Want to know how to use your Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine? Read on…

Eco Bubble Additional Features

An alarm will go off every 40 loads to remind you to turn the dial to Eco Drum Clean. This eco-friendly cleaning cycle will get rid of detergent residue and any build-up of dirt without any harsh chemicals.

The Last Memory option allows you to store the last setting used so that you don’t have to continually reprogram the cycle if you always wash loads on the same setting.

The Quick Time Wash operates a 15-minute wash by simply pressing a button. You can change the timer settings based on the load size and your time scale.

Error Codes and Meanings

Samsung Eco Bubble troubleshooting has been made simple by the innovative Smart Check. If you’ve got a smartphone you use the LED scanning system to detect and diagnose errors. A selection of common Samsung washing machine symbols will be listed as follows:

5E/SE – Draining Problems

A blockage in the draining system caused by objects or debris caught in the filter can affect the ability of the appliance to drain. As can a build-up of fatty deposits in the drain pipe. An obstruction in the sump hose or a defective drain pump can also be responsible.

4E/nF – Not Filling

The water supply can be the culprit here. Hoses need to be kink-free and inlet valves working properly. Frozen pipes can be an issue if the washing machine is exposed to low temperatures. And water pressure will need to be checked.

UE/dc – Unbalanced Load

An unbalanced load happens when the washing is unable to be separated and heavy items aren’t spread evenly around the drum. Avoid overloading as this also affects the final spin. Constantly distributing the load incorrectly can cause damage to the suspension.


DC/dE/Lo/FL – Door Related Errors

When the washing machine thinks the door isn’t closed properly these errors indicate faults with the door lock wiring or mechanism.

3E – Faulty Motor Tacho

This could point to a problem with the circuit board or a fault with the motor tacho itself. Connections with the main control module will need to be checked.

HE/tE – Heating Issues

If the water is either too hot or too cold there could be an issue with the temperature sensor, thermistor, or heating element.

Other Potential Issues

See a further range of Samsung washing machine faults here…

Won’t Start: if the electrical supply is good this may be due to a mechanical or computer problem

Trips Electrical Circuit: water leaking onto electrical connections of the thermal sensor can cause a fire hazard risk so you’ll need to get this checked urgently

Stops During Spin Cycle: this could be due to an unbalanced load issue or a slow drain caused by an obstruction in the pump or pipes

Leaking: a puncture hole or damage to the hoses will cause leakage during the rinse cycle when more water is being used


Bleach Spotting: spotting can occur on laundry if the dispenser is overfilled or dirty

Purple Streaking: this happens due to an excessive amount of detergent being used – more than the recommended quantity

Need a Fully Qualified Engineer?

If you’re experiencing problems with your Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine simply call in the experts. You’ll be able to make a same-day or short notice booking. Get a quick quote. And a repair that comes with a six-month guarantee.

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