LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Troubleshooting And More


LG direct drive washing machines that unlike conventional appliances attaches the motor directly to the drive to reduce vibration, noise and energy usage. Cycles that create figure 8 motion washes, a silent wash, and those designed specifically for delicates and taking care of wrinkles are all ways to make doing the laundry less of a chore.

However, sometimes your direct drive washing machine can start to malfunction after about five years. LG washing machine issues can include:

  • The heating element: this will cause the water to be cold during the wash cycle
  • The pressure switch: your washing machine may fill and drain immediately as this device controls the level of water in the drum.
  • Bearings and seals: rattling noises during the wash cycle the bearings are typically failing.
  • The drain pump: this could result from obstructions within the drainage system. inlet valve.
  • The electronic module: power surges will affect this component as will burned out wires and terminals.

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LG direct drive washing machine problems

LG washing machine troubleshooting comprises of:

LG washing machine won’t start

An LG washer not working could be due to a door that won’t lock securely or a faulty power socket, switch, or low network voltage. If there’s an issue with the inlet valve compromising the water supply this will also affect the start. The wiring could also be the culprit here which will need to be checked for faults.

LG washing machine won’t fill

This may be a fault with the intake hose that may be kinked or obstructed. The filter screen may be blocked and need cleaning. If the intake valve is defective this will need replacing, and a broken pressure switch can also contribute to this problem.

LG washing machine won’t drain

A wrong cycle selection can be the cause of this problem but it’s more likely to be related to an obstruction in the drainage system such as the filter, hose, or pump. The drain pump itself could also be faulty, and the impeller will need to be checked for any blockages.

Other LG direct drive washing machine troubleshooting includes:

LG washing machine door won’t open

If the cycle has finished completely but the door won’t open this could be a malfunction of the door assembly. In more severe cases the control module may be at fault and this will need the assistance of a qualified repair technician.

LG washing machine is noisy

Often a load issue can be the cause. There may be too much or not enough laundry in the appliance to allow it to run smoothly and quietly. If this isn’t the case this could point to wear and tear of the bearings which require the washing machine to be disassembled.

LG washing machine cycle won’t start

If your washing machine is filling with water but the cycle won’t start this could signify a problem with the heater. If the water isn’t heated to the right temperature the wash won’t begin. If the thermistor fails then the control module won’t get the information regarding the temperature, and again will prevent the wash operation. A faulty pressure switch, heating element, or main module can all contribute to this issue, as can a faulty direct drive motor.

LG washing machine error codes

There’s a range of error codes that may display on your washing machine to indicate where the problem may lie, even though you may not be able to fix it yourself. See a selection of error codes below:

  • dE – door open error
  • tE – heating error
  • FE – overflow error
  • PE – pressure switch error
  • LE – lock error
  • PF – power failure error
  • AE – suspected leak error
  • EHE – heater error


If your LG washing machine is experiencing any of the issues above that can’t be resolved by resetting your appliance simply get in touch with your local appliance repair specialists for reliable LG washing machine repairs.

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