LG Washing Machine Fault Codes Explained


When your LG washing machine starts to experience problems, the digital display will show a range of error codes. These codes will point you in the right direction as to where the fault may lie – even if you can’t fix the issue yourself.

See a range of LG washing machine fault codes explained below:

LG washing machine error codes

LG washing machine OE error code

LG washing machine error code OE on a front load washer indicates that the appliance is unable to drain the water. This fault can be triggered by a blocked drain pump filter or a kinked or damaged drain hose.

Other reasons for this problem can be related to the drain pump itself – if you can’t hear a humming sound followed by the water draining away the pump may need repairing or replacing.

LG washing machine IE error code

An IE error code denotes that the appliance was unable to fill with water. This could be due to blocked water supply lines – in extreme temperatures, the pipes may freeze. Other culprits include an incorrectly installed drain hose, damaged or kinked inlet hoses, blocked inlet filters, or supply taps that have accidentally been turned to the closed position.

LG washing machine UE or Ub error code

If the weight of the wash load isn’t distributed evenly this will result in an unbalanced load, causing the clothes to bunch together and throwing the appliance off balance during the spin cycle. This results in error code UE/Ub flashing.

Clothes will need to be re-arranged with the addition of other laundry to balance out any small loads to ensure the machine is level.

Other LG washing machine fault codes

LG washing machine CE error code

The CE error code is normally related to a surge in the electrical circuit of the motor. This can be caused by a loose connection, a short circuit, or a ground fault. These are issues that need to be diagnosed and safely fixed by an experienced appliance repairs engineer.

LG washing machine dE1 error code

This error code signifies that the washing machine door is open and unable to be locked securely. After closing the door firmly, if this doesn’t resolve the problem the door latch assembly may be defective.

LG washing machine tCL error code

This code is informing you that you need to run the tub clean cycle. After emptying the drum, put an amount of bleach into the detergent dispenser, and select the tub clean cycle. This reminder message will appear after every few washes, and won’t come back again until the next scheduled tub clean cycle is due.

LG washing machine code CL

Code CL isn’t a fault as such as it’s telling you that the child lock feature is active. This in turn disables the control panel, making the settings unable to be adjusted. The position of the child lock button varies depending on your model, but de-activating it is the same – press and holds the child lock button for three seconds.

LG washing machine code Cd

Again this is another code that is simply making you aware that the washing machine has finished its cycle and is in cooling down mode. Cooldown is set automatically for when the drying cycle is completed, and depending on your machine model may periodically tumble and fluff the load for up to four hours. The message will display until clothes are removed, or the START/PAUSE button is pressed.

If your LG washing machine isn’t responding you may need to call in professional help. Local fully qualified engineers from a reputable appliance repair company will provide you with quality workmanship and six months parts and labour guarantee.

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