Miele Dishwasher Error Codes and What to do About Them


If your Miele dishwasher error lights are flashing or displaying a letter and a number, this is an indication that something is wrong with your appliance. The problem can be minor and something which you can sort out by yourself, or it can be major and will require the services of a professional. You need to begin the process by diagnosing the issue before knowing what steps to take to resolve it. As a result, we’ve prepared this useful guide on some of the most common Miele dishwasher faults that will enable you to see your dishwasher functioning optimally once again.

Miele dishwasher fault codes

Below is the list of some of the most common Miele dishwasher fault codes you might see, what they mean as well as some of the steps you could or should take to address the problem.

F11: Drainage/Water not draining away

If you see Miele dishwasher fault codes F11, you should be aware that the filter combination in the cabinet is blocked and the water is not draining away. A possible cause of this is that an object may be obstructing the drain pump, there may be deposits in the drain hose or drainage system or a kinked drain hose. To resolve this, you need to clean the filter combination, straighten the hose if it’s kinked and check the drain hose and drainage for blockages, which you should clean.

F12/F13: Water intake

This error indicates that the stopcock is closed, the water inlet filter is clogged or there is a kink in the inlet hose preventing water intake in the unit. You need to turn on the water supply. Alternatively, if the water inlet filter is clogged, it will need to be cleaned. Another possibility is to check and fix the inlet hose. Finally, if you note that the supply flow pressure is lower than 30 kPa, you need to contact a professional.

F52: Excess foam suds in the cabinet/Programme is interrupted

If this is the problem you are facing, you need to turn the selector switch to “Stop/Finish”. Press the “Start/Stop” button for a second to stop the LED light from flashing. Turn the dishwasher off and on again.

Middle spray or lower spray arm is blocked

This happens when there are obstructions with dishes that are blocking either the middle or lower spray arm. You need to rearrange the cutlery and crockery to stop the obstruction. If the water jets are blocked, you should switch off the dishwasher, remove the spray arms, rinse them under running water and then put them back in place. Check that they rotate freely.

F14/F69: The circulation pump is blocked

Miele dishwasher fault codes F14 could cause the circulation pump to either stick or jam or the heater pressure switch can be faulty which can result in a further water intake fault. This can cause the unit to overfill. You should remove the filter combination and add one litre of warm water with three to five drops of rinse aid into the dishwasher interior unit. Soak for five minutes. Start the programme. Repeat this process three times.

F24: Problem with the heater relay contacts

Miele dishwasher fault codes F24 indicate that the water won’t heat as the relay helps to control the heating system within the dishwasher if it isn’t being engaged. It’s advisable to call in a professional to take a look at this problem.

F32: Automatic door closing

Your Miele dishwasher has automatic door closing and the door may have been closed too fast. To resolve this issue, disconnect the machine from the mains supply for one minute and restart it afterwards.

F70: Problem with the float switch

When there is such an issue, it will result in the activation of the waterproof system and if it is defective, the appliance won’t operate properly. Consider turning off the stopcock and consulting a professional when you see this error code.

F78: Circulation pump

It is possible that there may have been an interruption between the electronic and circulation pump. As a result, this could lead to them no longer being connected. Other possible results include a fault in the frequency converter electronic device or the circulation pump may have low or additional voltage. Troubleshooting this issue, you should switch off the dishwasher for 30 seconds, turn it back on again, select your wash programme and press “Start”.

Other Miele dishwasher troubleshooting factors to consider

Blank display/Button sounds may be heard

This is an indication of a fault in the software and you should disconnect the unit from the power supply for one minute. Then, switch on the appliance and activate the time display.

Incorrect language setting

Use the flag symbol to modify the language as it is a programmable function. Alternatively, use the settings menu to make the necessary adjustments.

Close salt container cap

This is a result of the salt container cap not being closed tightly enough. You need to refasten it and turn the dishwasher off and on again, after which you should restart the wash programme.

 Technical issue

To resolve this technical issue, press the “Start/Stop” button for one second until the LED light flashes. In addition, all the control lamps next to the programme buttons should light up. Then, switch the dishwasher off and on again after waiting a few seconds. You should restart the programme and press the “Start/Stop” button again. With this technical issue, the main issue is that although the dishwasher will still be able to be used in all programmes, the water is unlikely to heat.

In conclusion

For these and other Miele dishwasher maintenance issues, you should always diagnose the problem first by determining what the error code means and then taking the appropriate steps to address it. If it’s a challenge that can’t be resolved easily, it’s always a good idea to consult the professionals. Let Mix Repairs be your partner to your dishwasher’s good health. You will always be able to rely on our trusted technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem with great precision and accuracy to ensure it’s functioning optimally once again.

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