Your LG Washing Machine Fault Codes Meaning


When your LG washing machine is experiencing operating issues it will display various error codes. When this happens it’s helpful if you understand what your LG washing machine fault codes actually signify. 

LG Washing machine error codes

Cd: this isn’t actually an error code but an indicator that the drying cycle is completed and will continue to display until the clothes are removed. CE: the CE error code indicates that there has been an over-current in the motor’s electrical circuit resulting from a power surge, loose connection or short circuit.

CL: this code will display when the child lock feature is active which disables the control panel making settings unable to be adjusted. The child lock button will need to be pressed and held for three seconds to de-activate it.

DE: on some models, this is a drain error causing your appliance not to drain resulting from a blocked filter, obstructed hose, or faulty drain pump.

dE: when your washing machine is unable to lock the door this code will display. If resetting doesn’t solve the issue the lock may need repairing or replacing.

dE1: this again is a door related issue when the door is detected as being open. If the error code persists you’ll need to close the water taps, unplug your washing machine, and request a repair.

dE2: when the door will close but won’t lock this code will show. The same instructions apply as with error code dE1.

FE: this code indicates that your appliance is overfilling, typically the result of a faulty water valve.

IE: when your washing machine can’t fill with water this error code will display. This could be due to a dirty filter, a kinked hose, or in freezing conditions the water in the supply lines could be frozen.

LE: an LE error code on your washing machine display indicates that the motor has locked. This can be caused by an oversized load that needs to be reduced and reloaded. If the error occurs on every cycle you’ll need the help of an appliance repair technician.

OE: LG washing machine error code OE on your front-loading washing machine signifies that the water is unable to be drained. LG washing machine OE error can be triggered by a kinked or damaged drain hose or a blocked drain pump filter.

PE: this code indicates that the water level sensor isn’t working properly.

PF: when your washing machine displays this code it means that there has been a power failure which can happen when the power supply to the appliance is interrupted during a cycle resulting from a power cut.

Sud: when too many suds are detected this code displays and an automatic sud reducing cycle will be activated. If suds are excessive your washing machine will stop working to prevent leakage.

Tcl: this means you need to run a tub cleaning cycle with bleach added to the dispenser and the tub cycle clean programme selected.

tE: a heating error has been detected here and will typically be caused by a faulty thermistor.

Ub: this signifies an unbalanced load that needs to be re-distributed evenly in the drum. On small loads particularly even distribution is harder to achieve as clothing tends to clump together which throws the weight off balance during the spin cycle.

UE: this error code has the same definition as for error code Ub above.

Time to call on the professionals?

If your LG washing machine is experiencing any of the issues above that can’t be resolved by resetting your appliance simply get in touch with your local appliance repair specialists for reliable LG washing machine repairs.

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