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How to Make Kitchen Appliances Last Longer

White goods - you can't live without them, but you do have more interesting ways to spend your money. Learn how to make kitchen appliances last longer, to free up cash from your household budget to use for more exciting things.Understand the BasicsDepending on the machine there will be specific issues, but there are a few appliance maintenance tips that…

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Dishwasher History – Inventor, Facts, Tips

We all know that a dishwasher is a machine that washes dishes automatically, but have you ever thought of just how this appliance came about? Take a look at some of the interesting facts behind the history of the dishwasher… (more…)

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What is a Washer-Dryer

If you live in a modern apartment or house, the chances are, space is at a premium. There are advantages to smaller rooms of course, they encourage you to keep things tidy, take less energy to heat, and when it comes to kitchens, it's great not to have to walk any distance from the fridge to the cooker...Making the Most…

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What’s Wrong With My Oven?

Over time your oven can develop faults with parts wearing out, and can even stop working altogether. There are only a few things that could be wrong with it, and often the most difficult part is identifying what that is! Take a look at some of the most common oven problems below and see if they apply to you…Common oven…

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12 Things You Can Clean In The Washing Machine

It’s never too late to learn more about your domestic appliances! Take a look at 12 things you can clean in your washing machine…1.Plastic shower curtainsWant to know how to clean a shower curtain in the washing machine? It’s simple just pop it in the drum with a few bath towels and wash on a cool temperature with normal laundry…

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How Does A Dishwasher Work?

Dishwashers are in almost every kitchen, and all you need to do is load the dishes, add the detergent, close the door and press the start button! When you wash dishes by hand the water and soap remain in the bowl and you move the dishes around – in a dishwasher the dishes and cutlery stay in the basket while…

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What is a Frost Free Freezer

If you're offered a choice between a traditional appliance and a frost free fridge freezer the chances are your immediate reaction will be to go for the frost free option. It sounds better, and certainly it's lower maintenance. So what's not to like? Well it turns out things aren't quite as simple as that. There are a few things you…

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Types Of Oven – A Complete Guide

Looking to get a new oven? With such a wide range of sizes, types, and fuels this can be quite overwhelming and difficult to know which oven is right for your kitchen and you! Take a look at the guide below to see the types of oven available for you to buy…Types of ovenThere are basically four oven types to…

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10 Common Problems with Washing Machines

They're one of the most essential household appliances and most of the time we take them for granted. When things do go wrong with your washing machine, it's worth checking a few basics before calling an engineer. Where possible, (more…)

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Dishwasher Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Although the invention of the dishwasher has been a blessing for households the world over, there can be many common problems with dishwashers that can be a nightmare to take care of if you don’t know how. To take a load off your mind, we are going to run through some of the issues users face and what to do…